Mounting Solutions

Mounting Solutions

Person mounting horse

It might not seem like a big deal, but having your horse stand still and wait is extremely important, especially while you are mounting. If every time you are half mounted they walk off, even if you stop them when you’re half mounted, it can lead to a bigger problem like an eventual runaway.

Before you try and mount make sure your horse’s feet are square, that way you know they can bear the weight of you and aren’t moving because they are unbalanced. To get their feet square grab the horn and cantle on your saddle and pull back and forth, swaying the horse’s weight side to side. That will get them to balance their feet and distribute their weight evenly

One way to teach your horse to stand still while mounting is to use counter conditioning, this method works if you are using a mounting block or the ground. If using a block just never stop standing on the block. If the horse moves while you are getting on, get back on the ground and get them in a trot circle around you. Have them trot a circle and then stop them roughly in the same spot they were in before. Try and mount again; if your horse moves again do the same thing but make it two circles. Continue to increase the amount of circles by one every time the horse moves. Do you realize why this is counter conditioning? Because your horse is made to work and then rested while you get on, this makes mounting the reward.

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Horse related activities are inherently dangerous and caution should be used at all times.